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  • Of course you need one for your best friend! Minifigure not included.

    SGD 1.90
  • Watch out!! Bats are the only mammals known to feed on blood..

    SGD 2.90
  • Pretty flowers for pretty ladies!

    SGD 1.90
    Various options available
  • Pack you bags and go for a holiday!

    SGD 6.90
  • Upgrade for 1 minifig to a keychain. Not applicable to Jiang Shi, God of Wealth.We will glue together the headgear and head pieces and attach the keychain.We will also glue together specific designs that consist of torso and dress (eg. wedding bride, stewardess)All other parts are will remain unglued (eg. designs with torso and legs)Minifigure not included.

    SGD 5.00
  • Rose for your love.

    SGD 2.20

Showing 13 - 24 of 38 items