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  • Mi Le Buddha(弥勒)says you need to let this shit go. Why worry, be happy!

    SGD 29.90
  • Guan Yu - The Chinese God of War Fear his dragon blade!

    SGD 32.90
  • Love is in the air!

    SGD 24.90
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  • Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. The Dear Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)

    SGD 28.90
  • Most unpopular President of the United States - Donald Trump 'Make America Great Again!!' 

    SGD 28.90
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  • Favourite villain of the West - Russian President Vladimir Putin. 'We are going to pursue terrorists everywhere. If they are in the airport, we will pursue them in the airport. And if we capture them in the toilet, then we will waste them in the outhouse. … The issue has been resolved once and for all.' Ultra macho, ultra badass. Obey, or die.

    SGD 25.90
  • One of the most popular gods in Chinese mythology - 财神! The God of Wealth will ensure that you have endless supply of money and wealth!

    SGD 36.90

Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items