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  • Customize your anniversary and names on this pair of unique minifigs. Never forget how long you have been together ever again!

    SGD 44.90
    In Stock
  • Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Army Soldier in Number 4 Combat Uniform. Customize your rank and name to make it a one and only piece! *Unable to convert into keychain

    SGD 69.90
    In Stock
  • Always on the ball, always comes up with some good idea!

    SGD 27.90
    In Stock
  • Oh, it's not really gambling when you never lose. Option to personalize name!

    SGD 19.90
    In Stock
  • Always ready for more. Don't judge us by our appearances!*NEW improved design

    SGD 52.90
    In Stock
  • Custom print your image onto a 2 x 4 white brick. Your imagination is the limit!Please note printed area is approximately 3cm x 0.8cm.Details that are too small will not be printed clearly.

    SGD 9.90
    In Stock
  • The SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force) firefighter will put out any fire big or small! NEW suits with custom rank! *Unable to convert into keychain

    SGD 49.90
    In Stock
  • Upgraded uniform design of your Singapore Police Force (SPF) officer. Now comes with personalization of your rank! Personalize with your name to make it a one and only piece! Available in both male and female.

    SGD 39.90
    In Stock
  • A legendary icon that represents excellence in the air. The Singapore air stewardess. A great way to fly!

    SGD 39.90
    In Stock

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