• Community Police
    SGD 39.90
  • Ah Gong (Grandpa)
    SGD 25.90
  • Fairytale Wedding
    SGD 44.90
  • High Flying Stewardess Keychain
    SGD 42.90
  • Anglo High School Student
    SGD 23.90
  • I Love This
    SGD 39.80
  • Spice Me Up
    SGD 39.80
  • Wonder Mum
    SGD 24.90
  • Our Dream Wedding
    SGD 44.90
  • Saints Junior College Student
    SGD 23.90
  • HK Junk Boat
    SGD 19.90
  • Elite Junior College Student
    SGD 23.90
  • Crescent High School Student
    SGD 23.90
  • Chinese Wedding Couple
    SGD 54.90
  • SAF Army Soldier
    SGD 74.90
  • Laughing Buddha
    SGD 26.90
  • Party All Night Long
    SGD 36.00
  • Mad Monk Ji Gong (济公)
    SGD 32.90
  • God of Wealth (财神)
    SGD 36.90
  • High Flying Stewardess
    SGD 39.90

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Be Different.

Unique customized minifigures that rock.

We make things that we like and we sell things that we make. We like very nice things. We also like wicked humor.

We like new ideas and we like to mix things together. We base our minifigures on LEGO parts. Where necessary, we will use third party accessories to achieve our designs.

Purists would call it a crime, a contamination, a travesty. We think it's awesome.

We are Brick Generals.

  • Custom Designs

    Outrageously creative minifigs complete with unique accessories

  • In-House Production

    We do our own in-house printing using the latest technology

  • Free Shipping

    Free shipping for orders above SGD35 (Singapore) and SGD100 (International)